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What kind of tree is used for cellophane?


We mainly use eucalyptus trees for making the wood chips, which are raw materials of cellophane. They are a type of hardwood trees that take about 10 years to grow. Koalas are known to eat the leaves of this tree. Eucalyptus trees are planted in many parts of the world as renewable biological resources with little environmental impact.

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Tricks to peel the tape clean.

After removing the cellulose tape, the surface sometimes remains sticky due to the residue of the adhesive. To make it easier to remove the residue, use the adhesive side of a separate piece of tape while warming the residue with a hairdryer. Old and hardened residue could be removed using a spatula or a similar object. Use a Benzine or a peeling agent to wipe off the remaining residue on the surface.

*Please note that the use of organic solvents such as benzine or peeling agent may cause discoloration or deterioration, depending on the type of material such as plastic, leather, painted surface, or leather.