4500 times around the Earth

We've sold 180 million kilometers worth
of tapes* since we started.
That’s long enough to go around the Earth 4500 times.
We’ll continue to improve our tapes so that
we could continue this journey.

*As of 2015

How to create a design for the inner paper at Canva.com

Tape Dispenser for Novelty

We would like to propose the tape dispenser for novelty items that may be suited to be used for an advertising or promotional purpose.
The dispenser with your corporate logo/message printed on the inner paper would support your PR activity strongly.


Great research!Connect the mind!
Cellulose tape

Let’s Make Your Own Style

Customization of Insert’s Paper
Have fun changing the paper insert for whatever design you like .

New tape dispenser is now available

PanfixTM new tape dispenser is now available.Stylish Design:A simple, quality design.The dispenser come in three standard colours.Stable & handy:Portable, usable anywhere,anytime.Lightweight & Handy.Customize Design:Have fun changing the paper insert for whatever design you like.

What makes us different

Smooth Operation

Special coating on top makes it easy to
pull out the tape.

Clean & Quick

Delicate work? No problem. Our non-static
tape promises clean and beautiful finishes.

Sticks like magic.

Our tapes aren’t affected by
temperatures and will stick to any

Easy tear

No scissors needed. Nichiban tapes can be
torn with your hands.

Roll it up

Or use the tape in any way you wish.

Years of connecting lives

100 Years of connecting lives

Nichiban Co., Ltd. is a 100-year-old manufacturer founded in 1918.
With its unique adhesive technology at its core, Nichiban makes all kinds of products including stationery, office supplies and medical supplies.
The thin strong transparent tape has been filled with the knowledge, which Nichiban has developed over the years. Our tapes have helped people at home, in the office, and in the class-room. We've always been by your side.

Product Lineup

Panfix tapes are adhesive tapes produced by Union Thai-Nichiban Co., Ltd., which was established in 1973 as a joint venture between Saha Union Public Company Limited and Nichiban Co., Ltd. (Japan).

Panfix 's "Pan" means "all", "fix" means "to attach something firmly to something else", which reflects our hope that more people in the world use our high quality tapes of Panfix brand.