100 Years Since 1918


Since 1918

The Panfix Journey


Born in the USA

The history of self adhesive cellulose tape starts in the United States in
1930. Initially it was used for painting automobiles.The tape’s transparency
and its convenience of sticking directly without using water and glue
became widely accepted and spread as a tool to paste and repair things.


US military officers were surprised by Japan's technological strength US military officers were surprised by Japan's technological strength

Nichiban applied the technique of manufacturing adhesive bandages and delivered prototypes of
self adhesive cellulose tape in 1948. Although it was not a satisfactory quality, the officers of the
GHQ said that they praised Japan’s technological capabilities in a short period of time.
The photo is a self adhesive cellulose tape and a tape cutter at the time of release.

Initiatives for promotion

As we continued to deliver the tapes to GHQ, we saw a future with stable production. We began marketing and selling them to the public with a product name “Cellophane” in June 1948. In the beginning, however, there was no custom to use adhesive tapes to stick items in Japan, so the cellophane tapes did not sell at all.

Therefore, we conducted a variety of promotions including demonstrations by sales staff at department stores and advertisement cars touring the nation. These activities gradually spread the word of how to use the tape and what it’s qualities are.


Panfix Release

Sales of Panfix tapes began In the late 1950's in Southeast Asia


Everyone’s standard stationery Everyone’s standard stationery

As a result of strong sales promotion activities and quality improvement, “self adhesive cellulose tape”
has become one of the most familiar adhesive tapes in the home and the office.